Watermelon Gift Set

This is a tole painted 6 piece gift set all hand painted from magnets, small metal pail and bottle and shelf sitters, created for any home or anyone. Makes a great gift for one that Loves Watermelon! Hope you enjoy, purchase at Jusbcuz Dezins with hundreds of other Unique home décor & gifts all made with quality products and Love.


Tole painted Metal Teapot!

Good morning! Just wanted to share my new metal teapot hand painted with original artwork by myself Shirley Harris, Country theme chickens, great gifts for home decoration or as a gift for someone special, painting on metal is quit fun if you haven’t tried it before I highly recommend it. Tips for doing so, first clean the surface of your metal piece with rubbing alcohol to remove dirt and finger prints, the use DecoArt multi surface acrylic paint’s.(Follow the Directions on the bottle) you will find it is fun and relaxing to paint on metal, glass, wood, fabric and so much more. I hope you enjoy my tips, tricks and handcrafted products, have an Awesome Day.


Reason to Shop Handmade

Sharing a few reason why shopping handmade is a plus, verses big business.


  1. Each handmade item you may purchase, is a very unique piece, not everyone will have the exact items you have because handmade is just that “Handmade” no assembly lines of mass produced items.
  2. Handmade also helps support local communities economy
  3. Handmade generally speaking will, Withstand time, I’m not saying all product’s fall into this category, However all items from me do.
  4. Sometimes handmade means Quirky, Whimsical, Fun and Trending, just think you will have a chance to buy something most people do not have.
  5. In my experience handmade items usually always have a story behind them, like how they may have come about to be created in the first place.
  6. Handmade means the item you purchase comes directly from the maker, usually the item will be signed by the artist.
  7. Buying handmade also allows the skill of handcrafted items to remain a tradition of items that can be passed down for generations.
  8. Buying handmade to most also means you took the time to seek out that special piece for someone that is special to you, hunting for the perfect gift, thinking of them the whole time you are hand selecting a piece that fits their personality, so it shows that you care about them.
  9. Handmade means “handmade” by a real person or people, in my case for my items are made from my Hands and Heart, to your Heart and Home.
  10. One last thing big business doesn’t care about anything except the sell, they won’t contact you and thank you for purchasing from them and I would almost guarantee they don’t do the Happy dance, or even care if you are excited and happy when you get a package.
  11. So with that all being said, my promise to you is that, I do care about the purchase’s you make from me, I never ship an item that doesn’t meet my standards, my products are created from my original designs, made with Love, original artwork, sometimes I use Up cycled items, some are decorations for your home, some are usable like paper towel holders and treat jar lids, I hope you enjoy my words and give my website a chance, Have a Great Sunday !

Christmas Decorations

Good morning! I just wanted to share with you two new items in my shop, I just Love the traditional red and green theme for Christmas and oh yes Bear’s so I have added these Couples Bears and a Bear lollipop holder. Both a made from quality pine wood, hand painted with acrylic paint, original art design by myself and husband Edward Harris, they are handcrafted with Love and make a perfect addition to any home, from my hands and heart to your heart and home. Enjoy !


Hand Crafted Home Décor Sale

Just wanted to share the Sale going on right now for various home décor pieces, including Holiday’s and any occasion 67pieces total, I am going to share a few photos of some of these awesome pieces, I hope you enjoy and I have added the link for all sale items


Handcrafted On Sale !

Check out my Sale items, all discontinued items over 40 different items, handmade with Love and ready to adorn your home.


Bottle Art
Hand painted bottles

Just a sample of a few of the items on sale, have a beautiful Saturday!

Snowman Paper Towel Holder

Good Morning!

Today I am sharing our newest paper towel holder, he is tole painted on pine wood, original artwork by myself (Shirley Harris) he is painted with acrylic paint, countertop style and a great addition to any kitchen for the Winter months. He comes sealed with a gloss protective finish and ready to use straight from the box. Hope you enjoy !

Snowman Paper Towel Holder


Cookie/Candy Jar Lids

Good morning! Hope you all have a Beautiful Sunday!

I am sharing here today the inspiration of my designs for cookie jar lids, now including over 150 from Holiday to everyday, themed and Seasonial.

All original artwork, cut from pine wood and all hand painted with Love from my Hand and Heart to your Heart and Home.

Beehive Spring/Summer Lid

Gingerbread House Cookie Lid
These are tole painted cookie jar lid, gallon or half gallon size, Gingerbread house, Beehive and Fall Pumpkin
Happy Fall treat Jar Lid

Raven The Witch !!

I want you to meet Miss Raven the Witch, she is 13″ tall and stands proud with a Jack O Lantern banner in her hands, she has 4 little sidekicks by her side, 2 are small shelf sitter and two are fridge magnets. Her eyeshadow and lipstick is black glitter. She would Love to come visit at your house this Halloween!!

Raven The Witch
Two shelf sitters and two magnets
Miss Ravens Close-up Glamor Shot


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