My Zen, My Heaven on Earth, Yard Flowers & Trees

I have had a passion for planting a yard of beautiful trees bush’s, lawn just a little green sanctuary, for my little family. Little did I know that it takes a REALLY REALLY LONG Time(30 yrs.) for tree’s to grow. All of my 5 kids are grown with family’s of there own now,(24 Grand-kids) but I still gave it everything I had, to create a wonderful cool shade yard for them to play in . Well my grand-kid’s now have a beautiful yard to play in, & I so hope that my children appreciate what it took for me to achieve the yard we have today, after all we do get to have family get together s, where we can play, hang & have BBQ’S at the fire-pit.  I never give up on that perfect hangout for my family. I was sick most of this week, & was wondering, what am I going to do when I get older than I am now,(50 something) with this big beautiful yard, it has been neglected because I didn’t feel good, & when I’m older the up keep will kick my butt… However I do believe I will still be Happy in my Zen creating a little piece of Heaven. Hope you enjoy my yard as much as I do. The first photo is of a wall I have in the back yard that my two girls are painting a scene on for us, with a few of the flower cubbies around the wall. A glimpse of our fire-pit, part of the front yard, with an Awesome yard table & chairs one of our son-in-laws made for us. Did I mention 20 different tree’s, well 5 of those 20 are the same type of tree. & last but not least a photo of my Empress Tree in my back yard with a giant leaf shot 21″ one way by about 24″ the other way…

What might your Zen Be ? I WonderImage 24ImageImageImageImageImageImageEmpress Tree,Zen,Yards,Garden,Beautiful Backyards,My Zen,grand-kids,

Published by Jusbcuz Dezins

I am a Wood & Textile Designer & Artisan, Looking at this Amazing world in front of us daily.... I draw my own Designs, for my Unique Country Home Décor & Home Accents, We have over 100 Tole Painted wood cookie/candy jars lids, that fit the Anchor Hocking Glass Jars. All of our projects are created with Extra Love.. #madeinUtah #homedecor #uniquegifts #madewithlove #kitchenvibes #Holidaydecor #bottleart #paintedbottles #tolepainting #cookiejarlids #jartoppers #cookielove #candyjarlids

6 thoughts on “My Zen, My Heaven on Earth, Yard Flowers & Trees

  1. Wow, you have a beautiful home and yard 🙂 I’m very impressed with the work you’ve put into it! It looks magnificent! The wall is gorgeous too. Your girls have done an amazing job. It looks like the perfect little place of zen to me. I guess I’d have to say my little place of zen is my front porch. I live in an apartment so no yard but my porch is pretty heavenly. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

    1. Thank you Laura, I am so proud of my girls, we can’t wait to get the wall finished. I would think from your posts your porch is amazing as well. I appreciate your comment & hope you have a beautiful day

      1. Awe thank you Shirley 🙂 Oh, I forgot to tell you: I favorited your shop and some of the items on Etsy. Very creative and clever 🙂

        Anyways, hope you have a beautiful day too! Maybe enjoy that gorgeous yard of yours 🙂


        Laurali Star

      1. Well, you’re very talented 🙂 I have always admired people that are artistic with their hands in the way of sketching, painting, etc. The fact that you’ve turned it into something is even cooler 🙂

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