Things That Go Bump In The Night !

It is never to early to start thinking about Halloween, well at least for me it’s not. I Love to create project’s from up cycled items, it allows you to make the best of waste in a creative way. With that being said, I buy the 12oz size Tuna can’s, and when they are empty, I wash them and get them ready to design, I am sharing 3 of these can’s here today.


  1. Wash cans
  2. Spray paint desired color
  3. When dry if making Treat bucket’s drill small holes for a wire handle
  4. Tole paint your design on the can’s for this project I have 2 Jack O Lantern’s & a Frankenstein
  5. Gather supply’s desired to fill the can’s, I have used moss in each can, added a wire handle to each can, decorated with various small Halloween Toy’s, Clay Candy, Glitter spider, Eyeball, Acrylic table scatters and Beads
  6. Use Super glue to all of the piece’s including the moss so nothing is removable.
  7. When completely dry seal with your favorite sealer, I use Gloss finish by Krylon.
  8. You now have cute, whimsy Party table decoration’s or Mantel décor for the Halloween Season.

These ARE NOT CHILD SAFE, so you will want them up where small children are not at risk of choking

Up cycled Tuna Can's
Up Cycled Tuna Can Halloween Decoration’s

Hand Painted With Love

Tole Painted Tiny Stash Jars

These are small glass jar’s painted with acrylic paint, the lid’s are removable for 3 of them however the Voodoo doll jar is just for decoration. Use these cute jars for trinket’s, coins, jewelry and more.

They are sold separate, and would also make great thank you gifts. check them and more at Jusbcuz Dezins

Hope you enjoy !!! Happy Memorial Day

Art The Expression Of Style

Art is an expression of a Free Soul, my creative soul is to create Fun, Whimsy Piece’s on all most any surface. I have a wide range of product’s from useable to decorative for home accents made by hand from me to you. Some items are one of a kind due to the fact I try to reimagine discarded useful item’s to do my part for Mother Earth.

It is my opinion that handmade is best, my small business vibe is making customers happy and I can do the happy dance, when I get reply’s on order’s from happy people. (yup there is a dance) let’s face it big business doesn’t really care about us or quality.

So that said turn your home into a curated style with Must-Have’s for any occasion or Holiday, I am excited to share my Love of painted and decorated Up cycled glass bottles, with my original art. Some have removable lid’s which will allow you to use as a Vase for cut flowers, other’s are not.

Hope You Enjoy !

Apple Theme Bottle
Patriotic Flip Flop Bottle
Tiny Beehive Honey Bottle
Refillable Soap Bottle

It’s In My Blood

Me*** Shirley Harris

Hello, I just wanted to introduce my self, that’s me Shirley, I come from a Family that had so much creativity that it became part of me & my kid’s lives. I started as a seamstress first to help make end’s meet when I was younger, then moved on to painting Ceramics with my Mom, it was so much fun cleaning green ware then waiting for her to fire the piece’s so we could paint, it was awesome, somewhere along the way I decided I wanted to try painting on wood so I bought my scroll saw and started cutting my own project’s to paint, the cool thing about owning your own saw is you can cutting anything at any time, not having to wait to go purchase a cutout & the best part is my hubby is an artist, so he would draw designs for me to cut & paint Cool right ! Over time he got busy making Sterling Silver Jewelry (Which that is Amazing )( I decided to draw designs myself which I forgot to mention earlier I also Loved to draw. So here I am 40 years later painting up a storm only not just wood cutout’s I paint on a variety of mediums now, I think some of my favorite things to paint & decorate Up cycled Bottles. Well “Nuff” said about me hope you visit my website & check out my work Jusbcuz Dezins Have an AmAzInG DaY !!!!! Sharing a few photo’s with you 🙂

Paper Mache Box
Easter Wall/Door Swag
St. Patrick’s Bottle
Up cycled Metal Tray
Wood Gnome Blocks

Welcome to 2022

Are we ready for 2022 I sure hope so, hopefully it will be a Gigantic improvement from 2021, that said I am adding new product line & some old time favorites all as always handmade with Love from Utah.

St Patrick’s Bear Cookie Jar Lid
Orange Flower Cookie Jar Lid
Valentine’s Day Door Décor
Valentine’s Day Door Décor

These items are all tole painted with acrylic paint & created from the heart with extra Love, they make great additions to any home for any reason. Enjoy !

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Meet The Maker !

Meet the maker, Hi I am Shirley owner of Jusbcuz Dezins a year round website for Unique home décor & decorations, from cookie jar lid’s to cutesy shelf & table décor, self taught  tole painter for over 40 year’s, all handmade with Love come stop by for a visit for all of my original art designs.

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Sunflower Love

Sunflower’s make me smile, they are so cheerful, yes sometimes they are wild & try to take over however I still believe they are pure Sunshine ! That said I am sharing here today a few items that I have tole painted, so they can’t take over Ha Ha they include Paper towel holder, napkin holder cookie jar lid’s key tray & decorative bottle hope you enjoy.

Cookie Jar Lid
Cookie Jar Lid Napkin Holder Paper Towel Holder
Key Tray & decorative Bottle

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