Wood Welcome Shelf Sitter

Country Welcome Shelf Sitter

This is a pine wood cutout, that is dimensional, so it will sit on any flat surface, stained with wood stain & the boot is acrylic paint.

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brnwelcome4 - Copy

” Boo To You ” Tole Painting Book

Just wanted to share with you Beautiful people, our Tole painting pattern & instruction book we created, it was 1997
We are so proud to have this Published.
I am sharing the colored photo’s of the project’s included in the book
If you are a DIY painter & don’t have a way to cut the wood project’s, we are Happy to take order’s for that, may be ordered as wood cutout’s & or finished piece’s
I Shirley, cut all of the item’s myself for this book & for all the new design’s, just drop me an email & I will get back to you.
Also check out our new design’s & home accent’s here… JUSBCUZ DEZINS


Fabric Paint Tip’s

Today’s Tip:

When painting on fabric, wash the fabric first, to remove sizing, then when dry transfer design onto the piece, (I use iron on transfer pencil for more detailed art), if not much detail I draw the design with pencil.

Mix the Textile Medium with the color choice, start painting. YOU MUST LET EACH COAT DRY FULLY, AS THE PAINT WILL SMEAR IF NOT DRY.

Continue until you are happy with the result’s, when your piece is entirely finished, turn it over & iron the back side for a few second’s with your preheated iron, to set the paint, this makes it machine washable.

If you want more instruction, be sure to leave me a comment, I am Happy to help.

Happy Painting !

Up-Cycled, Re-Cycled, Re-Loved Glass Bottles

Sharing my Halloween Tole Painted glass bottle’s, glass bottle’s are so much fun to paint on, if you choose the right bottle, some have a good size surface for painting a design, so I am excited to share these creation’s with you.


Happy Halloween !

Tole Painted, Unique Home Accent’s

These are a few of the new items, that on have added to my website Jusbcuz Dezins, they are Fun, Whimsical Door Decor piece’s that will look Amazing even on glass door’s. They are Hand painted Original designs, by Shirley Harris, check out our updated Mobil friendly site after 8 year’s running https://www.jusbcuzdezins.com


My Journey through Art & Personal Expression

Today’s topic is artistic ability, well at least for me. I have always had a love for drawing, and was excited to be chosen to design a program cover for the school art show many years ago. It was a HUGH honor to me, because I was tacking an art class that was all seniors & I was only a sophomore.

I designed the cover for the art show & needless to say was stoked. I had come from a family of creative members, my Mom & 2 grandmothers, they were always creating, from sewing to painting & everything in between. I felt like I was blessed with the same talents & a few others as well.

I always thought that a had some talent when it came to pencil drawings, I was ask by classmates to draw, what I call balloon lettering, of the couples who were dating at that time in our school years, so needless to say i felt good about art. I was ask by family members to draw for them also. I started dating a fantastic person a few years later, who also had a passion for art, we were later married and I decided I was not near as talented as I had previously thought. It wasn’t by anything that he had said, that gave me the feeling of  “What was I thinking, I can’t draw”.

Rather it was some family members that crushed my spirit & love of drawing. sad to say, but I did let their negative words get the best of me. i gave up for years on art, & turned to sewing for people in our community instead, to help supplement our income.

Later in life my husband & I had  children & I am proud to say that all 5 of them have the same artistic ability that I now KNOW I have and that their father has always had. I did falter a little later in life again, when my talented children started drawing & creating as adults, They are so great at what they do, I fell very disappointed in my  self once again, I was sharing my fears about my ability of art to my oldest son one day & he got quit upset with me, I had said that I quit drawing because their dad & them were so much more talented, that I quit drawing, because I couldn’t compare to them, He was so mad, he said that hurt his feelings so much, because we are all talented, & for me to quit like that wasn’t fair, because we all have talent. He also pointed out to me that we all have a different style of art, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t good.

To be honest I had never thought of it that way, until he pointed it out to me.So today years later, I am once again believing in the talent that I have been blessed with & much to my surprise I have complete confidence in my work. I have been online selling my handmade crafts & gift for 6 + years now, in the beginning my husband had drawn all of the designs I painted, as of late I have been the sole artist for my creations & happy to say, have had a great deal of success, which also is a great confidence builder.

I do not doubt the talent I have been blessed with any longer.

There are all kinds of art out there, not everyone will like everything I do, however that’s okay, I Love what I do & I put so much Love & Care into each & every item I create. I create Decorative/Tole painted wood crafts & gifts

I am so very grateful for all of the talents I am blessed with & also for the great teachers my husband & children have been to & for me

Have a Great & Wonderful WeekDSCN0435


My Zen, My Heaven on Earth, Yard Flowers & Trees

I have had a passion for planting a yard of beautiful trees bush’s, lawn just a little green sanctuary, for my little family. Little did I know that it takes a REALLY REALLY LONG Time(30 yrs.) for tree’s to grow. All of my 5 kids are grown with family’s of there own now,(24 Grand-kids) but I still gave it everything I had, to create a wonderful cool shade yard for them to play in . Well my grand-kid’s now have a beautiful yard to play in, & I so hope that my children appreciate what it took for me to achieve the yard we have today, after all we do get to have family get together s, where we can play, hang & have BBQ’S at the fire-pit.  I never give up on that perfect hangout for my family. I was sick most of this week, & was wondering, what am I going to do when I get older than I am now,(50 something) with this big beautiful yard, it has been neglected because I didn’t feel good, & when I’m older the up keep will kick my butt… However I do believe I will still be Happy in my Zen creating a little piece of Heaven. Hope you enjoy my yard as much as I do. The first photo is of a wall I have in the back yard that my two girls are painting a scene on for us, with a few of the flower cubbies around the wall. A glimpse of our fire-pit, part of the front yard, with an Awesome yard table & chairs one of our son-in-laws made for us. Did I mention 20 different tree’s, well 5 of those 20 are the same type of tree. & last but not least a photo of my Empress Tree in my back yard with a giant leaf shot 21″ one way by about 24″ the other way…

What might your Zen Be ? I WonderImage 24ImageImageImageImageImageImageEmpress Tree,Zen,Yards,Garden,Beautiful Backyards,My Zen,grand-kids,

New Pattern Packet, #Decorative/Tole Painting, #Pumpkin

We are adding here today our new pattern packet for our ” Happy Fall Y’All ” decoration, includes photo, painting instructions, wood cutout & pattern all for $14.99 (Leaf embellishments not included)



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